Sentence Examples

  • Phenyl benzoate, C 6 H 5.
  • An alternative method consists in converting it into ethyl benzoate by shaking with benzoyl chloride and caustic soda.
  • It is made commercially by boiling benzotrichloride (obtained from toluene) with milk of lime, the calcium benzoate so obtained being then decomposed by hydrochloric acid 2C 6 H 5 CC1 3 +4Ca(OH) 2 = (C6H6000)2Ca-1-3CaC12+4H20.
  • Benzoic anhydride, (C 6 H 5 C0) 2 0, is prepared by the action of benzoyl chloride on sodium benzoate, or by heating benzoyl chloride with anhydrous oxalic acid (R.
  • Ethyl benzoate, C 6 H S 000C 2 H 5, is best prepared by boiling benzoic acid and alcohol with a small quantity of sulphuric acid for some hours (E.

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