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  • Hich float on or are suspended in water, and of the benthos, or si 2.
  • Several decades ago all marine organisms became grouped together in three great categories: (1) the Benthos, or bottom-living, rooted or sedentary forms; (2) the Nekton, or actively swimming animals; and (3) the Plankton, or drifting (usually) microscopic organisms, which have little power of locomotion (see 21.720).
  • The great majority of algae, however, grow like land-plants attached to a substratum, and to these the term benthos is now generally applied.
  • It also reviews existing major human activities in the area that are currently affecting the benthos.
  • Other series of shorter length, carried out from the 1920s to the 1980s, measured dissolved nutrients, phytoplankton production and infaunal benthos.

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