Sentence Examples

  • A unique component of Thunderbird's curriculum is that 25 percent of its program consists of on-site business environment seminars at locations all over the world, including Geneva, Beijing, and Santiago.
  • The bitter rivals now find themselves at the 2008 Summer Olympic Games in Beijing, competing against one another in a series of Olympic events, including swimming, hurdles, and more.
  • Beijing is located in Northern China, where it is difficult to grow rice, so most menus will feature wheat flour breads or flat breads instead of rice as the traditional starch.
  • Beijing - Beijing (or Peking) is where the Imperial Cuisine of China originated, and the city is most famous today for Beijing (Peking) Duck.
  • In Beijing, for example, she competed in 70 percent humidity and 87 degree heat, in addition to dealing with poor air quality due to smog.