Sentence Examples

  • The line T on the surface bbb has for the instant no velocity it a direction perpendicular to AB; becau2e for the instant it touches, without sliding, the line T on the fixed surface aaa.
  • The line T on the surface bbb has also for the instant no velocity in the plane AB; for it has just ceased to move towards the fixed surface aaa, and is just about to begin to move away from that surface.
  • The line of contact T, therefore, on the surface of the cylinder bbb, is for the instant at rest, and is the instantaneous axis FIG.
  • About which the cylinder bbb turns, together with any body rigidly attached to that cylinder.
  • To find, then, the direction and velocity at the given instant of any point P, either in or rigidly attached to the rolling cylinder T, draw the plane PT; the direction of motion of P will be perpendicular to that plane, and towards the right or left hand according to the direction of the rotation of bbb; and the velocity of P will be v~=y.PT, (3)

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