Sentence Examples

  • (a) Let AA', BB' be the axes intersecting at right angles in a point C. Take a strip of paper or rule and mark off from a point P, distances Pa and Pb equal respectively to CA and CB.
  • (b) Let AA', BB' be the axes as before; describe on each as diameter a circle.
  • (4) If the axes be given, the curve can be approximately constructed by circular arcs in the following manner: - Let AA', BB' be the axes; determine D the intersection of lines through B and A parallel to the major and minor axes respectively.
  • If B and B' be points on the curve, BB' is the minor axis and C the centre of the curve.
  • - Crinoidea in which the base consists of BB only, the aboral prolongations of the chambered organ being interradial; new columnals are introduced at the extreme proximal end of the stem.

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