Sentence Examples

  • - Bb Cornet with enharmonic valves (Besson & Co.).
  • The ovary (a) leads into (bb) the oviduct, which is joined at (g) by the duct of the yolk-glands (h).
  • If the substance in any state such as B were allowed to expand adiabatically (dH = o) down to the absolute zero, at which point it contains no heat and exerts no pressure, the whole of its available heat energy might theoretically be recovered in the form of external work, represented on the diagram by the whole area BAZcb under the adiabatic through the state-point B, bounded by the isometric Bb and the zero isopiestic bV.
  • 18, 19) a is the sphere, placed in half-holes on the axis bb, so that when its principal axis is parallel to the axis of the telescope it gives only one image of the object.
  • In a direction perpendicular to that axis it must be so placed that when it is moved by rotation of the axis bb the separation of the images shall be parallel to that motion.

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