Sentence Examples

  • Some craft stores, large grocery stores, wholesale suppliers, and cake decorating specialty stores may also stock UltraGold bakeware, but call ahead if you're looking for a specific size or shape of pan.
  • The dimensions of each pan are also imprinted on the handles, so you can quickly find them if you have a copious selection of bakeware and are searching for a specific size.
  • Things like Pringles cans, yogurt containers, and milk cartons all make suitable molds for this method of making soap, or use old bakeware such as muffin tins.
  • However, every piece of Wilton's UltraGold bakeware has extended handles that are designed to keep bakers safe and help them handle pans as easily as possible.
  • New as of late 2009, Wilton's line of UltraGold bakeware is designed to produce better results in cake texture and consistency than any other type of pan.

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