Sentence Examples

  • On this account, the custom of both the French and English people of the country was for years before and for several years after 1870 to pronounce it Man-I-CO-ba, and even in some cases to spell it " Manitobah."
  • Zaletaev, brought out with effort: "ke-e-e-e," he drawled, laboriously pursing his lips, "le-trip-ta-la-de-bu-de-ba, e de-tra-va- ga-la" he sang.
  • Christmas double as Uppies take men 's ba ' Clutching his prize, Uppie Garry Cooper is congratulated after winning the ba '.
  • Further surviving timbers were recovered (see ba, October 2002, May 2003).
  • Hundreds of men or boys depending on which game is being played, will endeavor to get the ba ' to their goal.

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