Sentence Examples

  • It has also been identified with a mound now called et-Tell (" the heap"), but though the name of a neighbouring village, Turmus Aya, is suggestive, it is in the wrong direction from Bethel.
  • Iron ores are found in Piura, the Huaylas valley, Aya, and some other places, but the deposits have not been worked through lack of fuel.
  • Sergius and Bacchus (Kutchuk Aya Sofia) and St Sophia are erections of Justinian the Great.
  • Aya) 836 160,579 234,880 311,361 372-4
  • St Sophia (Aya Sofia), formerly the cathedral, and probably erected in the 6th century by Justinian's architect Anthemius, was converted into a mosque in 1589.