Sentence Examples

  • Of this sum the greater part was divided amongst the institutions marked with an asterisk in the above list.
  • It was enough for him to give a scrupulously exact description of such specimens as came under his eye, distinguishing these by prefixing two asterisks to their name, using a single asterisk where he had only seen a part of the bird, and leaving unmarked those that he described from other authors.
  • (4) The stage which is introductory to algebra consists merely in replacing the unit " cost of 1 lb tea " by a symbol, which may be a letter or a mark such as the mark of interrogation, the asterisk, &c. If we denote this unit by X, we have (2 XX) +6s.
  • In the Septuagint column he drew attention to those passages for which there was no Hebrew equivalent by prefixing an obelus; but where the Septuagint had nothing corresponding to the Hebrew text he supplied the omissions, chiefly but not entirely from the translation of Theodotion, placing an asterisk at the beginning of the interpolation; the close of the passage to which the obelus or the asterisk was prefixed was denoted by the metobelus.
  • In The Tables Of The Church Calendar The Epacts Are Usually Printed In Roman Numerals, Excepting The Last, Which Is Designated By An Asterisk (*), Used As An Indefinite Symbol To Denote 30 Or O, And 25, Which In The Last Eight Columns Is Expressed In Arabic Characters, For A Reason That Will Immediately Be Explained.

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