Sentence Examples

  • Two great divisions are recognized in the Fungi: (i.) the Pycomycetes or Algal Fungi, which retain a definitely sexual method of reproduction as well as asexual (vegetative) methods, and (ii.) the Mycomycetes, characterized by extremely reduced or very doubtful sexual reproduction.
  • With certain rare exceptions the Saccharomycetes have three methods of asexual reproduction: I.
  • Ferns, horse-tails, club mosses, &c., and Phanerogams or Flowering Plants) the main plant-body, that which we speak of in ordinary language as the plant, is called the sporophyte because it bears the asexual reproductive cells or spores.
  • The root is an axis which never bears either leaves or the proper reproductive organs (whether sexual or asexual) of the plant.
  • They belong to the group of Protozoa, and, as already explained, have a double cycle of existence: (I) a sexual cycle in the body of the mosquito, (2) an asexual cycle in the blood of human beings.

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