Sentence Examples

  • The Aryans of India are probably the most settled and civilized of all Asiatic races.
  • *) History From the evidence of philology it appears that the horse was already known to the Aryans before the period of their dispersion.'
  • Even without the fact of the existence now of such restrictions among the modern successors of the ancient Aryans in India, it would have been probable that they also were addicted to similar customs. It is certain that the notion of such usages was familiar enough to some at least of the tribes that preceded the Aryans in India.
  • With the exception of Babylonia and Assyria, we can hardly even conjecture what was the condition of this continent much before i 50o B.C. At that period the Chinese were advancing along the Hwang-ho, and the Aryans were entering India from the northwest.
  • Among the Aryans of India, Soma is stolen by birds, as water is among the Thlinkeets, and mead in the Edda.

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