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  • Avoirdupois; the libra, 1.014 lb avoirdupois; the quintal, 101.44 lb avoirdupois; the arroba, 25.36 lb avoirdupois; ditto of wine, 6.70 imperial gallons; the gallon, 74 of an imperial gallon; the vara, 927 yard; and the square vara, 859 square yard.
  • - The metric system is officially adopted, but the weights in common use are the tonelada (2025 lb), the quintal (101.4 lb), the arroba (2 5.35 lb), the libra (1.014 Ib) and the onza (.
  • Farm produce is generally sold by the arroba or fanega; the var y is used in lineal measurement, and the cuadra is used by country people in land measurement.
  • In the interior and in all domestic transactions the old Spanish weights and measures are still used - including the Spanish libra of 1.102 lb avoirdupois, the arroba of 25 libras (122 kilogrammes), the quintal of Too libras (50 kilog.), the carga of 250 libras (125 kilogs.), the vara of 80 centimetres, and the fanega.
  • Certain older standards remain in common use, notably the quintal (of 101.4 lb avoirdupois), the libra (1.014 lb as-oirclupois), the arroba (31/2 imperial galluns for wine, 23/4 imperial gallons for oil), the fanega (11/2 imperial bushels).

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