Sentence Examples

  • Well maties, this exquisitely detailed Pirate Map will have you and yours saying "Arr" in no time!
  • The convention was kept secret, pital but the last clause leaked out and caused the bitterest arr as- feeling among the people of Turin, who would have asf red to been resigned to losing the capital provided it were La ~rence, transferred to Rome, but resented the fact that it was un to be established in any other city, and that the conntion was made without consulting parliament.
  • The coefficients arr, a,~, are called the coefficients of inertia; they are not in general constants, being functions of the qs and so variable with the configuration.
  • These non-rational elements he further distinguished as appetitive (ro E7rLOvi..arr KOv) and spirited (TO Ov,uoabS or Ovu6r) - the practical separateness of which from each other and from reason he held to be established by our inner experience.
  • Higher financial controllers seem to have been over groups of provinces (Philoxenus over Asia Minor, Arr.