Sentence Examples

  • Its importance is due to its command of the point where the chief trade route from Persia and Central Asia to Europe, over the table-land of Armenia by Bayezid and Erzerum, descends to the sea.
  • Tozer, Turkish Armenia and Eastern Asia Minor (London, 1881).
  • Five short-lived kings of the house ruled in Armenia after 1342, "Latin exiles," as Stubbs says, "in the midst of several strange populations all alike hostile."
  • The kingdom of Armenia fell before the sultan of Egypt, who took prisoner its last king Leo V.
  • The name Albania (in the Tosk dialect Arberia, in the Gheg Arbenia), like Albania in the Caucasus, Armenia, Albany in Britain, and Auvergne (Arvenia) in France, is probably connected with the root alb, alp, and signifies "the white or snowy uplands."

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