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  • The mutual slaughter of barbarians in the Levant seemed, even to George Canning, a lesser evil than a renewed Armageddon in Europe; and all the resources of diplomacy were set in motion to heal the rupture between Turkey and Russia.
  • Throughout the Old Testament history, however, Galilee as a whole cannot be said to have a history; the unit of territorial subdivision was tribal rather than provincial, and though such important events as those associated with the names of Barak, Gideon, Gilboa, Armageddon, took place within its borders, yet these belong rather to the histories of Issachar, Zebulon, Asher or Naphtali, whose territories together almost correspond with Galilee, than to the province itself.
  • 'ARMAGEDDON, a name occurring in the Authorized Version of the English Bible in Rev. xvi.
  • (See Antichrist.) From the application of the word Armageddon to the great battle of the End of Time comes the use of the phrase "an Armageddon" to express any great slaughter or final conflict.
  • Also, interesting testimony, how windows is best, and impending Armageddon.

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