Sentence Examples

  • Slight as these sketches are, they show considerable dramatic talent and an Aristophanic wit.
  • His edition (1896-1905) of the Aristophanic scholia from the Ravenna MS. was less successful.
  • In the Aristophanic parody (Birds, 691) the winged Eros in conjunction with gloomy Chaos brings forth the race of birds.
  • Of the earliest, Olafsrima, by Einar Gilsson (c. 1350), and the best, the Aristophanic Skida-rim y (c. 1430), by Einar Fostri, the names may be given.
  • 1826), whose travesties of the old romantic stories,' and his Aristophanic drama Gandreil51n (" The Magic Ride ") about contemporary events, are among the best satirical and humorous productions of Icelandic literature.