Sentence Examples

  • In India he established a diocesan hierarchy, with seven archbishoprics, the archbishop of Goa taking precedence with the rank of patriarch.
  • The two archbishoprics of Armagh and Dublin are maintained in the disestablished Church of Ireland.
  • In 1542 he received the cardinal's hat, and in 1578 when he was called to succeed his grandnephew Sebastian on the throne, he held the archbishoprics of Lisbon and Coimbra as well as that of Braga, in addition to the wealthy abbacy of Alcobazar.
  • 44 48 There are five archbishoprics within the 66 178 German empire: Gnesen-Posen, Cologne, 77 257 Freiburg (Baden), Munich-Freising 05 879 and Bamberg.
  • His jurisdiction embraced the territories occupied by the five ancient German tribes, and included the five archbishoprics of Mainz, Treves (Trier), Cologne, Salzburg and Bremen.

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