Sentence Examples

  • ARCADIA, a district of Greece, forming the central plateau of Peloponnesus.
  • In eastern or "locked" Arcadia these heights run in parallel courses intersected by cross-ridges, enclosing a series of upland plains whose waters have no egress save by underground channels or zerethra.
  • Thus Arcadia lagged behind the general development of Greece, and its political importance was small owing to chronic feuds between the townships (notably between Mantineia and Tegea) and the readiness of its youth for mercenary service abroad.
  • The importance of Arcadia in Greek history was due to its position between Sparta and the Isthmus.
  • During the Hellenistic age Megalopolis stood staunchly by Macedonia; the rest of Arcadia rebelled against Antipater (330, 323) and Antigonus Gonatas (266).

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