Sentence Examples

  • Its arboreal vegetation is richer both in genera and species than that corresponding to it in the Old World.
  • Opisthocomi.-Arboreal, with long spina externa; without basipterygoid processes.
  • They feed on animals which likewise lead an arboreal life, rarely on eggs.
  • Long-tailed, terrestrial and arboreal forms. The tree-snakes are mostly green above with the under parts white or yellow.
  • Birds being of all animals most particularly adapted for extended and rapid locomotion, it became necessary for him to eliminate from his consideration those groups, be they small or large, which are of more or less universal occurrence, and to ground his results on what was at that time commonly known as the order Insessores or Passeres, comprehending the orders now differentiated as Passeriformes, Coraciiformes and Cuculiformes, in other words the mass of arboreal birds.