Sentence Examples

  • 2 Kiliani also showed that arabinose, C 6 11 12 0 61 a sugar found in cherry gum, was an aldopentose, and thus indicated an extension of the idea of a " sugar."
  • Also Kiliani found that the lactone derived from the cyanhydrin of natural arabinose (laevo) was identical with the previous lactone except that its rotation was equal and opposite.
  • Certain of these relations are here summarized (the starting substance is in italics): l-Glucose f- 1-arabinose --- l-mannose - l-mannoheptose; glucononose fa-gluco-octose F - a-glucoheptose f- d-glucose - 0-glucoheptose - > /-gluco-octose; d-mannose--> d-mannoheptose--> manno-octose--> mannononose; d-glucose --> d-arabinose - i d-erythrose.
  • B-arabinose -+ l-erythrose.
  • Thus Wohl prepared l-threose from l-xylose and l-erythrose from l-arabinose, and Ruff obtained d- and l-erythrose from d- and l-arabonic acids, the oxidation products of d- and l-arabinoses.