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  • It became a direct apanage of the Bohemian crown in 1625 at the extinction of the male line of its dukes, and since 1766 it bore the name of Saxe-Teschen, owing to the fact that Prince Albert of Saxony, who married a daughter of Maria Theresa, received it as part of his wife's dowry.
  • Tuscany was governed by a series of foreign regents and was a prey to adventurers from Lorraine and elsewhere; although the administration was not wholly inefficient and introduced some useful reforms, the people were ground by taxes to pay for the apanage of Francis in Vienna and for Austrian wars, and reduced to a state of great poverty.
  • His lands comprised the western part of Saxony, and included Thuringia, but in 1542 Coburg was surrendered to form an apanage for his brother, John Ernest (d.
  • Thus the old and true sense of the term emperor - the sense in which it was connected with the church in the present and with Rome in the past - finally perished; and the term became partly an apanage of Bonapartism (Louis Napoleon resuscitated it as Napoleon III.
  • On his marriage his father including the islands of Frisia (Zeeland) west of the the g () invested him with Imperial Flanders, as an apanage Scheldt.

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