Sentence Examples

  • ~,6 AOl OlO
  • Al-yet 'Ir 7 (rOUs E[r]T7 7 v iv pEaw Kouaou Kai iv (rapid 65007 7 v air01S, Kai EUpov 7ravrac p OliovraS Kai obbcva EU pov 6L1fi&,vra lv abTOlc, Kai 7rovEl, lyv)(1 7 pot, iiri Tols viols T4)v civOpc.i rwv, OTL TU(')AOL Ei(rLV T7) Kapni¢ abrW[v] K[ai] ob J3Xi[7rovetv]....
  • - If, in the identity 1 (1 +anx = 1+aiox+aoly+a20x 2 +allxy+a02y 2 +..., we multiply each side by (I -�-P.x+vy), the right-hand side becomes 1 +(aio+1.1 ') x +(a ol+ v) y +...+(a p4+/ 1a P-1,4+ va Pr4-1) xPyq - - ...; hence any rational integral function of the coefficients an, say f (al °, aol, ...) =f exp(�dlo+vdol)f d a P-1,4, dot = dapg The rule over exp will serve to denote that i udio+ vdo h is to be raised to the various powers symbolically as in Taylor's theorem.

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