Sentence Examples

  • An antitoxic serum has been prepared from horses by the Institut Pasteur in France, but has not met with success.
  • Immunity against toxins also became a subject of investigation, and the result was the discovery of the antitoxic action of the serum of animals immunized against tetanus toxin by E.
  • The term " antitoxic " signifies that serum has the power of neutralizing the action of the toxin, as is shown by mixing them together outside the body and then injecting them into an animal.
  • The antitoxic serum when injected enttinoxic previously to the toxin also confers immunity (passive) against it; when injected after the toxin it has within certain limits a curative action, though in this case its dose requires to be large.
  • The antitoxic property is developed in a susceptible animal by successive and gradually increasing doses of the toxin.

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