Sentence Examples

  • Homeopathic practice usually does not use topical ointments or drops but does recommend using an antibacterial eyewash made from five drops of tincture of goldenseal in a cup of warm water.
  • Popularity waned after World War II, when more potent antibacterial agents were discovered, but interest grew in the 1970's along with the natural health and wellness movement.
  • Used as a remedy for many ailments - Its antibacterial and antiseptic qualities have led people to use honey as a topical treatment for cuts and burns for generations.
  • Treatment of a local infection from piercing includes warm compresses and antibacterial ointment for local infections to a five-day course of oral antibiotic therapy.
  • As to mitigate a few concerns, purchasing nursing sports bras that have been manufactured with special antibacterial materials may reduce your chances of infection.