Sentence Examples

  • Internet Jihad: According to a 1997 New York Times report, Muslim extremists are using Internet blogs and websites used to spread anti-Jewish and anti-American ideology across the world.
  • In 1449 the Lisbon Juderias were stormed and sacked, and between 1450 and 1481 the cortes four times petitioned the Crown to enforce the anti-Jewish provisions of the canon law.
  • Above all the Gnostics represented and developed the distinctly anti-Jewish tendency in Christianity.
  • Of Ashkelon and Ekron defied the Assyrian army, trusting to the fortifications of Jerusalem and Egyptian help. Hezekiah, however, was forced to restore the anti-Jewish Padi to the government of Ekron, from which he had been removed by the Jewish party, and, after the defeat of his Egyptian allies at Eltekeh, to see his country wasted with fire and sword, forty-six fortresses being taken and 200,150 persons carried into captivity.
  • In proportion as the figure of Nero again ceased to dominate the imagination of the faithful, the wholly unhistorical, unpolitical and anti-Jewish conception of Antichrist, which based itself more especially on 2 Thess.