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  • In the first class we have halos, and coronae, or "glories," which encircle the luminary; the second class includes rainbows, fog-bows, mist-halos, anthelia and mountainspectres, whose centres are at the anti-solar point.
  • (See Diffraction Of Light.) Other meteorological phenomena caused by the diffraction of light include the anthelia, and the chromatic rings seen encircling shadows thrown on a bank of clouds, mist or fog.
  • The anthelia (from the Greek duet, opposite, and i Xcos, the sun) are coloured red on the inside, the outside being generally colourless owing to the continued overlapping of many spectra.
  • Effects are classed together under the name of anthelia (from
  • Before coming to the anthelia, properly so called, or to the colored

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