Sentence Examples

  • 24), identified by Royle with the Andropogon Calamus aromaticus or roosa grass of India; cassia (Heb.
  • It was the Calamus aromaticus of the medieval druggists and perhaps of the ancients, though the latter has been referred by some to the Citron grass, Andropogon Nardus.
  • They however occur in a whole section of Andropogon, in Anomochloa, and at the base of the spike in Sesleria.
  • Many are savanna grasses, in various parts of the tropics, for instance the large genus Andropogon, Elionurus and others.
  • Other aromatic members are Andropogon Nardus, a native of India, but also cultivated, the rhizome, leaves and especially the spikelets of which contain a volatile oil, which on distillation yields the citronella oil of commerce.