Sentence Examples

  • The issue was not unfavourable to Theodoret's cause, but melancholy enough for Theodoret himself: the council of Chalcedon condemned monophysitism, but he unhappily yielded to pressure so far as also to take part in pronouncing " anathema upon Nestorius, and upon all who call not the Holy Virgin Mother of God, and who divide the one Son into two."
  • He was cited three times, in the canonical manner, and upon not appearing was threatened in the third session with anathema (Hefele, Councils, sect.
  • They do not pronounce an anathema on the Christian politicians, generals and airmen that do it.
  • The amount of money spent at general elections seems a complete anathema to most people.
  • This remains anathema to Western governments - which spent most of the 1980s demolishing commodity agreements - and to politically powerful transnational companies.

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