Sentence Examples

  • Genera: Crotalus, Boa, Coluber, Anguis, Amphisbaena, Caecilia.
  • AMPHISBAENA (a Greek word, from aborgs, both ways, and /aivECv, to go), a serpent in ancient mythology, beginning or ending at both head and tail alike.
  • The body of the amphisbaena, from 18 to 20 in.
  • From its appearance, and the ease with which it moves backwards, has arisen the popular belief that the amphisbaena has two heads, and that when the body is cut in two the parts seek each other out and reunite.
  • In length and is very abundant; the Platydaclylus saccicularis, the grey amphisbaena (Blanuscinereus), the European pond-tortoise (Emys europaea), and another species, Emys Siegrizii.