Sentence Examples

  • The magnet ' is wound to a resistance of amperes with accumulators).
  • Thus the centi-ampere balance ranges from i to ioo centi-amperes, the deci-ampere balance from i to ioo deci-amperes, the ampere balance from i to ioo amperes, the deka-ampere balance from i to ioo amperes, the hecto-ampere balance from 6 to 600 amperes, and the kilo-ampere balance from ioo to 2500 amperes.
  • A third platinum coil, wound non-inductively between the primary and the secondary, served to carry the current by which the ring was heated; a current of 4.6 amperes, with 16 volts across the terminals, was found sufficient to maintain the ring at a temperature of 11 50° C. In the ring itself was embedded a platinum-thermometer wire, from the resistance of which the temperature was determined.
  • At first the current is 3000 amperes at 220 volts, increasing to 9000 amperes at 20 volts after 20 hours.
  • If then the amperemeter scale reading was 100 it would show an error of that scale reading of minus 1.9 amperes or nearly 2%.