Sentence Examples

  • 6 X 300), or 73 XI 08 in electrostatic measure, otherwise 2.4X1016 amperes per sq.
  • For the total current we have approximately 2.5 X10-" amperes per sq.
  • The magnet ' is wound to a resistance of amperes with accumulators).
  • The instrument therefore does not begin to read from zero current, but from some higher limit which, generally speaking, is about one-tenth of the maximum, so that an ammeter reading up to io amperes will not give much visible indication below i ampere.
  • Very convenient and accurate instruments based on the above principles have been devised by Lord Kelvin, and a large variety of these ampere balances, as they are called, suitable for measuring currents from a fraction of an ampere up to many thousands of amperes, have been constructed by that illustrious inventor.

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