Sentence Examples

  • A continuous electric current of one ampere is defined to be one which deposits electrolytically 0.001118 of a gramme of silver per second from a neutral solution of silver nitrate.'
  • Ampere floated a voltaic battery with a coil of wire in its circuit in order to observe the effects of the earth's magnetism on the electric circuit.
  • The application of this to telegraphic purposes was suggested by Laplace and taken up by Ampere, and afterwards by Triboaillet and by Schilling, whose work forms the foundation of much of modern telegraphy.
  • Weber, which was found capable of explaining all the phenomena investigated by Ampere as well as the induction currents of Faraday.
  • The young Ampere, however, soon resumed his Latin lessons, to enable him to master the works of Euler and Bernouilli.

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