Sentence Examples

  • The procession carrying the sacred ark and the bark of the god Amon belonging to the reign of Rameses II.
  • Manasseh's son Amon fell in a court intrigue and " the people of the land," after avenging the murder, set up in his place the infant Josiah (637).
  • The Syrian kings of Damascus seem to have habitually assumed the title of Benhadad, or son of Hadad (three of this name are mentioned in Scripture), just as a series of Egyptian monarchs are known to have been accustomed to call themselves sons of Amon-Ra.
  • Assyria grew in power at the expense of Babylonia, and a time came when the Kassite king of Babylonia was glad to marry the daughter of Assur-yuballidh of Assyria, whose letters to Amenophis (Amon-hotep) IV.
  • Kadasman-Bel, his son, corresponded with Amon-hotep (Amenophis) III.

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