Sentence Examples

  • Ammon, Amen-RE, or Amenrasonther ("Ammon-Re king of the gods") was its deity, with his consort Mut and their child Khons.
  • Dedicated statues to his predecessors of the Vth Dynasty who had probably showed their devotion to Ammon in a substantial manner, and Cheops of the IVth Dynasty is named in it.
  • Continuing, transformed western Thebes monumentally: built three great temples in addition, that of Mont on the north of Karnak, the temple of Mut on the south and the temple of Ammon at Luxor, and connected the last two with the state temple of Karnak by avenues of sphinxes.
  • Of Ammon and the Israelite Transjordanic districts.
  • The national traditions of Israel recognize a close relationship between Moab and Ammon, "sons" of Lot, and the "brothers" Esau (Edom) and Jacob (Israel), and Moab is represented as already a powerful people when Israel fled from Egypt (Exod.

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