Sentence Examples

  • The word amniocentesis literally means "puncture of the amnion," the thin-walled sac of fluid in which a developing fetus is suspended during pregnancy.
  • About 30 percent of identical twins have this classification, and each twin has its own chorion, amnion, and placenta.
  • S, serosa; A, amnion; E, ectoderm; N, rudiment of nerveof the oral piece.
  • Wheeler, the amnion is ruptured and turned back from covering the germ band, enclosing the yolk dorsally and becoming finally absorbed, as the ectoderm of the germ band itself spreads to form the dorsal wall.
  • In some midges and in caddis-flies the serosa becomes ruptured and absorbed, while the germ band, still clothed with the amnion, grows around the yolk.