Sentence Examples

  • Katie almost smiled at his fallen face as the stern voice of the Amazonian-size woman before them.
  • The Amazonian picked out a couple of T-shirts, her thick upper arms exposed in the tank top and jeans.
  • She was scared to turn around, almost as if afraid he'd be passing out his phone number to every lithe, beautiful Amazonian they passed.
  • According to a later story, Achilles, after he had slain the Amazonian queen Penthesilea, bitterly lamented her death; for this he was reviled by Thersites, who even insulted the body of the dead queen.
  • The Amazonian chapadao, which includes the remainder of the great Brazilian plateau west of the Sao Francisco and Parnahyba regions and which appears to be the continuation of these tablelands westward, is much the largest of these plateau divisions.