Sentence Examples

  • That to which he gave the name of Santo Amaro adjoined Sao Vicente, the two towns being only three leagues asunder.
  • Rio de Janeiro was not settled till a later period; and for a considerable time the nearest captaincy to Santo Amaro, sailing along the coast northwards, was that of Espirito Santo.
  • To the Sao Francisco, Cachoeira and Santo Amaro near the capital in the Reconcavo, Caravellas and Ilheos on the southern coast, with tolerably good harbours, the former being the port for the Bahia & Minas railway, Feira de Santa Anna on the border of the sertao and long celebrated for its cattle fairs, and Jacobina, an inland town N.W.
  • There are also a number of private hospitals maintained by church brotherhoods and charitable associations; among them are the Portuguese hospital in Rua de Santo Amaro and the Strangers' Hospital (American and British) in Botafogo.
  • The railways radiating from the city to inland points are the Bahia & Alagoinhas which is under construction to Joazeiro, on the Sao Francisco river, a short line to Santo Amaro, and two lines - the Bahia Central and the Nazareth tramway - extending inland from points on the opposite side of the bay.