Sentence Examples

  • Joseph Aloysius, brother of Joseph Simon, and professor of Oriental languages at Rome.
  • Among the educational institutions are the German American school, Hasbrouck institute, St Aloysius academy (Roman Catholic) and St Peter's college (Roman Catholic); and there are good public schools.
  • Stephen EvoDIUS, nephew of Joseph Simon and Joseph Aloysius, was the chief assistant of his uncle Joseph Simon in his work in the Vatican library.
  • It is the seat of the Montana Wesleyan University (Methodist Episcopal), founded in 1890; St Aloysius College and St Vincent's Academy (Roman Catholic); and has a public library with about 35,000 volumes, the Montana state library with about 40,000 volumes, and the state law library with about 24,000 volumes.
  • Aloysius Felinski (1771-1820) produced an historical tragedy, Barbara Radziwill, and some good comedies were written by Count Alexander Fredro (1793-1876).

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