Sentence Examples

  • A small deer and, in southern Ecuador, the llama (Auchenia) with its allied species, the alpaca, guanaco and vicuna, represent the ruminants.
  • Alpaca, Vicuna, and Llama Wool imported into the United Kingdom.
  • Of the four the alpaca and the vicu�re the most valuable wool-bearing animals: the alpaca on account of the quality and quantity, the vicu�n account of the softness, fineness and quality of its wool.
  • The trade of the city is principally in Bolivian products - mineral ores, alpaca wool, &c. - but it also receives and exports the products of the neighbouring Peruvian provinces, and the output of the borax deposits in the neighbourhood.
  • The llama and alpaca were domesticated long before the discovery of America, but the guanaco and vicuña are found in a wild state only.

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