Sentence Examples

  • In his allegorical poems reminiscences of the master's style and literary habit are most frequent.
  • Both lines of study were readily combined by applying to the interpretation of descriptions of natural objects the allegorical method adopted for the interpretation of Biblical texts.
  • With grammatical precision, antiquarian learning and critical discernment Origen combines the allegorical method of interpretation - the logical corollary of his conception of the inspiration of the Scriptures.
  • Manget's Bibliotheca chemica curiosa (1702), are confused productions, written in an allegorical style, but full of phrases and even pages taken literally from the Greek alchemists, and citing by name various authorities of Greek alchemy.
  • In the allegorical Oultre d'amour it has been thought a real romance between Breze and a lady of the royal house is concealed.