Sentence Examples

  • In these the variety of tannic acid is not exactly the same, but although there are slight chemical differences, they all possess the power of tanning raw hides and of preserving albuminous tissues.
  • Inorganic bodies, such as metals, may enter into albuminous combinations which may greatly modify their effects, and organic substances may be split up into simpler compounds by oxidation or reduction, or may be rendered more complex by synthesis.
  • Haematogen, introduced by Hommel, claims to contain the albuminous constituents of the blood serum and all the blood salts as well as pure haemoglobin.
  • Externally, it is not absorbed by the unbroken skin, but when applied to the broken skin, sores, ulcers and mucous surfaces, the ferric salts are powerful astringents, because they coagulate the albuminous fluids in the tissues themselves.
  • Seeds albuminous, with one integument; the single embryo, usually bearing two partially fused cotyledons, is attached to a long tangled suspensor.

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