Sentence Examples

  • - The AI Harpoon Ship Log.
  • AI was for animals, not humans.
  • The name (originally Ai i rr t) is generally derived from the nurse of Aeneas.
  • Ai, emph.
  • By similarly transforming the binary n ic form ay we find Ao = (aI A 1 +a2 A2) n = aAn A l = (alAi - I -a 2 A 2) n1 (a1�1 +a2m2) = aa a � - A i n-1 A2, n-k k n-k k n-k k A = (al l+a2A2) (al�1+a2�2) = a A � =A 1 A2, so that the umbrae A1, A 2 are a A, a � respectively.

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