Sentence Examples

  • Aia?ov, spittle, Iywybs, leading) increase the flow of saliva, e.g.
  • Comparative Motion of Two Pistons.If there be but two pistons, whose areas are af and af, and their velocities Vf and vI, their comparative motion is expressed by the equation V2/Vf = aia/2; (2)
  • By simple multiplication (al b l b2 -24a2bib2+ala2b;)xi +(aibz -ala214b2-aia2blb2+a2b2)xlx2 + (aia 2 b2 - 2a l a2b l b2 +a2/4b 2)x2; and transforming to the real form, (aob 2 - 2a1b,+a2bo)xi (aob 3 -a l b 2 - alb,+a3bo)xlx2 + (aib3 - 2a2b2+a3b1)x2, the simultaneous covariant; and now, putting b = a, we obtain twice.

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