Sentence Examples

  • In 1888 Charlottesville was chartered as a city administratively independent of the county.
  • Norfolk was founded in 1682 in pursuance of an act of the Virginia Assembly passed in 1680 to establish towns for the encouragement of trade; it was incorporated as a borough in 1736 by a royal charter, was chartered as a city in 1845, its charter being revised in 1882 and 1884, and received a new charter in 1906 (amended in 1908), under which there are a mayor (elected for four years), a common council, a board of aldermen and a board of control of three members, which has charge of public works, streets, sewers, drains and water supply, the police and fire departments, the work of the board of health, &c. Norfolk is administratively independent of Norfolk county.
  • This would be the least administratively burdensome approach - except, of course, for no relief at all.
  • It is perfectly satisfactory to ask for a document only from the person chosen to fill the vacancy if that is most administratively convenient.
  • It looks decisive, and it is certainly administratively convenient.

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