Sentence Examples

  • Besides the addicting volleyball play, you can also gamble with a slot and a blackjack game and have your girls chill at the pool playing in various mini-games like jumping onto floaties across the pool to get the best time.
  • Anyway, with a musical soundtrack by Offspring and Bad Religion (oh, you do remember them, don't you), addicting gameplay, and nearly unlimited replayability, Crazy Taxi is one game you should own for your Dreamcast.
  • Here you will find General Hospital Twitters every Tuesday, information about what the actors on the show are up to in their personal lives, and leaks of what may happen on upcoming episodes of the addicting drama.
  • With the advanced technology and extreme graphics that make newer games shorter and without imagination, some gamers want to relive the glorious video game days of arcade action and addicting gameplay.
  • In fact, the version of Tetris on the original Nintendo Entertainment System is widely applauded as one of the best iterations in the series, thanks to its colorful graphics and addicting soundtrack.