Sentence Examples

  • The car kit also comes with an adaptor that will charge your cell phone battery through the car's cigarette plug.
  • CD Player: Connecting a portable CD player to your car's in-dash audio system using either a bluetooth wireless connection or a cable and adaptor allows you to listen to CDs when you're in the car and remove the player when you're not.
  • For an additional $6.99 shipping and processing fee you can also receive the cell phone adaptor kit with five ports to allow your Emergency Pro to charge almost any type of cell phone.
  • Packet8 also has another video option in the form of Tango, a sort of video phone adaptor that includes a high resolution 5-inch LCD color display and 180° rotating camera.
  • Uses an ATA or Analog Telephone Adaptor that allows a standard phone connected to your computer or Internet connection used with a VoIP provider.