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  • 14 seq.) gave rise in precritical days to the theory of pre-Adamites, as though Adam and Eve were not the only inhabitants of the earth.
  • ADAMITES, or Adamians, a sect of heretics that flourished in North Africa in the 2nd and 3rd centuries.
  • At Prague a demagogue, the priest John of Zelivo, for a time obtained almost unlimited authority over the lower classes of the townsmen; and at Tabor a communistic movement (that of the so-called Adamites) was sternly suppressed by Zizka.
  • At their head was Gregory, the Patriarch; a layman, said later to be Rockycana's nephew; in Michael Bradacius, the priest of Senftenberg, they found a spiritual teacher; and fresh recruits came streaming in, not only from the other little societies at Kremsir, Meseritsch, Chelcic, Wilenow and Diwischau, but also from the Waldenses, the Adamites, the Utraquist Church at KOniggratz, and the university of Prague They called themselves Jednota Bratrska, i.e.

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