Sentence Examples

  • It forms an addition product with acrylic ester, which on heating loses nitrogen and leaves trimethylene dicarboxylic ester.
  • Methane and its homologues give origin to the " paraffin " or " fatty series " of the general formula C,H 2, ,+ 1 000H, ethylene gives origin to the acrylic acid series, C n H 27, - 1 000H, and so on.
  • It oxidizes readily: exposure to air giving acrylic acid, nitric acid giving oxalic acid, bichromate of potash and sulphuric acid giving carbon dioxide and formic acid.
  • Two acids corresponding to the formula of Kekule and Claus are triphenyl acrylic acid, (C6H5)2C: C([[Cooh) C 6 H]],, and triphenyl acetic acid, (C,H,),C 000H.
  • Oxidation by strong oxidizing agents converts it successively into its aldehyde, acrolein, and into acrylic acid.