Sentence Examples

  • Koresh), the Latinized form of a Persian name borne by two prominent members of the Achaemenid house.
  • His family belonged to the clan of the Achaemenidae - in the inscription on the pillars and columns of the palace of Pasargadae (Murghab) he says: "I am Cyrus the king, the Achaemenid" - the principal clan (cbprp'q) of the Persian tribe of the Pasargadae.
  • See further under Persia: Ancient History, from the Achaemenid period onwards, and works there quoted (especially section v.
  • The principal ruins of the town of Pasargadae at Murghab are a great terrace like that of Persepolis, and the remainders of three buildings, on which the building inscription of Cyrus, "I Cyrus the king the Achaemenid" (sc. " have built this"),, occurs five times in Persian, Susian and Babylonian.
  • Under the Sassanids the old Persian worship, which had fallen with the Achaemenid dynasty in Alexander's time, and Muller, Epigraphische Denkmdler aus Arabien (Vienna, 1889).

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