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  • The Pan-Ionian sanctuary of Poseidon on the Asiatic promontory of Mycale was regarded as perpetuating a cult from Peloponnesian Achaea, and the league of twelve cities which maintained it, as imitated from an Achaean dodecapolis, and as claiming (absurdly, according to Herodotus i.
  • 67 Nero restored Sardinia to the senate (but not Corsica) in exchange for Achaea, and the former was then governed by a legatus pro praetore; but Vespasian took it over again before A.D.
  • In Achaea, this central hall was called the Lefton (town-hall), and a similar building is known to have existed at Elis.
  • At Pellene in Achaea, and at Plataea he made two other statues of Athena, also a statue of Aphrodite in ivory and gold for the people of Elis.
  • Of the latter the most noteworthy are: IIavaxaia at Aegium in Achaea, pointing to some connexion with the Achaean league; 'AXaia, 1 " the Achaean goddess," unless it refers to the " sorrow "of the goddess for the loss of her daughter (cf.

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