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  • This diazo compound is decomposed by caustic alkalis with the formation of cyanamide and hydrazoic acid, CH4N3 N03=N3H+CN NH2+ HN03, whilst acetates and carbonates convert it into amidotetra zotic acid, H2N C?NH - N.
  • FUCHSINE, or Magenta, a red dyestuff consisting of a mixture of the hydrochlorides or acetates of pararosaniline and rosaniline.
  • Ferrous and ferric acetates are used as mordants; normal lead acetate is known in commerce as sugar of lead; basic copper acetates are known as verdigris.
  • The acetates constitute a valuable group of medicinal agents, the potassium salt being most frequently employed.
  • After absorption into the blood, the acetates are oxidized to carbonates, and therefore are remote alkalies, and are administered whenever it is desired to increase the alkalinity of the blood or to reduce the acidity of the urine, without exerting the disturbing influence of alkalies upon the digestive tract.

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